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Book 3: Arcadian Twilight

It’s been quiet on for a long time, but that’s because I’ve been busy writing the next installment of the saga, Arcadian Redemption. Arcadian Twilight is chock full of steampunk, werewolves and elves! This time we follow the sixteen-year-old werewolf Eirin as she leaves Earth, going with Taïvi and her cat-shifter tribe through the portal to Arcadia.

The novel was released in physical print at the Danish steampunk festival “Fantasticon” on September 21st, and is available on Amazon.

Even though this is my third novel, and builds on my two previous ones, Arcadian Twilight can be enjoyed without having read Frost Moon and Prodigal Queen first.

I am happy to show off the fresh cover, illustrated by Ragnhild Wisth:



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